The web site was launched by Wolf Peter Weber in 2001
as a means to give an overview of W.P.W.'s photographic adventures as well
as to provide links for stock image purposes from his vast archives.

people, children and the elderly in particular, not to forget the many
Chess Champions
, Masters and Grandmaster's, to
places, flora-power, plants
and animals, especially
Birds, W.P.W. likes to cover it all,
Mating Butterflies, for the beauty, variety and challenge of it...

"A grand Mahalo nui loha" to all the Hawaiians who, over the years, have extended
their "Aloha" to me and my efforts. Without their guidance I probably could not
have recorded some of my best photographic works, like the
Haleakala Silversword,
the Hawaiian native
Hibiscus Giffardianus or the erotically fascinating
Philodendron eichleri. Then the incredible Banyan Stranglers choking the long
hidden ruins of Spreckels Sugar Mill on the Island of Maui.
As a contrast, images of the almost fire resistant
Cork Oak Tree from the
Provence region of France. More pages with Flora-Power have been added.

Bee predators should be of interest to some... Arachnophobes better not look.

A curious observation are several types of Mayan Cichlids in FLorida's Lee County,
where I live currently. They were not supposed to come and survive so far North.
For a while they caused havoc amongst local fish, but appear to have retreated to
sweeter waters. Frequent high tides have turned local conditions more salty.

An extensive, some 20 pages by now, picture story deals with the relevance and importance of Mangrove ecosystems to the planet. Year after year we learn that carbon emissions aren't coming down. To the contrary. Therefore: Mangroves for the Planet...

Another threat to Mangroves and many other plants are invasive ravenous Sri Lankan
(and other) weevils, which seem unstoppable and need close attention...

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