Photos of Philodendron eichleri or King of Tree Philodendrons
by © Wolf Peter Weber
<Pictures of Philodendron eichleri by Wolf P. Weber>

The images of the plant on this page are of a Philodendron eichleri, also known
as King of Tree Philodendrons, somewhat in between Philodendron rubens or X evansii... Apparently from the Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo regions, and named after the noted German botanist and taxonomist A. W. Eichler (1839 to1887) who may never have been to Brazil.
Anyhow, quite an exceptionally stunning specimen, photographed during the late 1990's,
either at one of the many botanical gardens of the Hawaiian islands or at a similar place in CA.
Philo's come in 100's of natural variations, plus all those created by Humans,
perhaps (in varieties) second only to Orchids...
A fine art print of the image above is available as Flora's Fancy in my online showcase.

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