Images of Banyan Stranglers covering the walls of the old Spreckels Sugar Mill on Maui...

If informed correctly, Banyan tree and
Strangler Fig are of the same species,
with regional variations. The Strangler
or Stranglers mobbing the old walls of
the long defunct Spreckels Sugar Mill
on the island of Maui certainly deserve
their moniker. What a choke.
And what a great example of things
to come should Humans or Civilization
ever have to go into retreat. Consider
that this site once contained the
world's largest, most efficient
sugar refining complex. Once...
(More images to come soon...)

<Sign of 1879 on old maui sugar mill wall>
In Lahaina, across the island, a Banyan was planted in the year 1873. That tree had been imported from India when it measured only 8 feet tall. Today it has grown to over 60 feet,
one of the largest in the world. Another one of note, a Mammoth Banyan, can easily
be admired at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, FL...
<Long wall of old Spreckels Sugar Mill on Maui covered by Strangler Fig tantacles>
<Spooky image of Strangler Fig branches around wall of old Spreckels Sugar Mill>
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