About (some) Bee predators, 7 page Image report with 18 photos. Page 1...
1st, Golden Garden Spider or Corn Spider/Writing Spider (Argiope aurantia).
2nd, Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus).
3rd, the terrible Praying Mantis - are the focus of this image story.
Contrary to common assumptions, my Northeast regional observations
show that all 3 seem to have a preference for bees and wasps.

<Image by Wolf Peter Weber showing a Bee caught in the web of a Golden Garden Spider>

The Honeybee caught in the ropes like a punch-drunk fighter, struggled for a while
but eventually got wrapped and stashed away for future consumption.
One hypothesis of interest suggests that the vertical W-to-Z-pattern
written stabilimentum might serve to camouflage the spider’s web.

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