Images by Wolf Peter Weber of Haleakala Silverswords in full bloom. A rare flowering plant, called Ahinahina by the Hawaiians, unique to the Maui volcanic crater.

Silversword or Ahinahina - Maui Haleakala crater unique plant
The 2 photos above show fully grown Silversword plants in the vast Maui crater... For
fine art prints of these beautiful images in color please click on the above Link Box...
We trek, we scout, we seek... And sometimes we get rewarded. The bottom panorama was taken during one of many exploratory trips through the volcanic landscapes of this particular Hawaii Island. When I discovered the plant during a Haleakala crater crisscrossing, I was stunned for 2 reasons. One, that it would grow in an area where there was no other plant life of any kind. Two, that it was almost in full bloom, no more than 2-3 days away from it.
Never before had I come upon a Silversword so close to its mature splendor.
What to do..? Camp here, without the necessary equipment..? No way. I would simply have frozen to a stiffo waste. A return to the scene of wonder seemed the only viable choice.
And so I did a few days later... At least I tried to. With all my orientational radar, my photographic memory, I erred through the dormant crater for a day, and then another one. To no avail... A certain "high", combined with a sense of confusion, courtesy of thin air and constantly changing weather conditions, made me lose track of the subject of aesthetic
desire. I'll spare you a description of my frustrations. At times I felt as if Pele might be playing tricks on me. Invisible little Kinilau' guiding me to anywhere but where I wanted
to get so badly. Was I lost in the clouds or out of her grace..? No, it turned out, not quite.
On the last day of my almost desperate roaming, I was atoned. The Goddess had it all set
up for me. With a cutsie little Kinilau on top... WOW. I got on my knees (to take
a series of shots) and mumbled: "Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!"
To view a limited series black and white fine art print of the resulting image,
entitled Kinilau Silversword, click on the link please...

<Photo by Wolf Peter Weber of a single Silversword or Ahinahina a few days before full bloom, set to a stunning Maui Haleakala volcanic crater background.>
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