Scoop: Tropical Tent-Web Spider Cyrtophora citricola - another exception to a rule...
<An exceptional photo by © Wolf P. Weber of an Tropical Tent-Web Spider Cyrtophora citricola holding a Sri Lankan weevil prey, for wrapping>

Commonly known as the Tropical Tent-Web Spider, this araneidea spider occurs mainly in the Tropics,
yet has become an addition to Florida’s faunas. Though classified with Orb Web Spiders, it does not create
orb webs, but rather tightly woven shapes which resemble circus tents, mostly upside down. I got to admire some of them for the first time in SW Florida during Oct 2020, and was surprised to discover that they also entangle and prepare Sri Lankan weevils should any dare to stray or fly into one of their webs. There goes
the myth of the ravenous little plant pest not to have any enemies in nature. "Spiders to the rescue..!"
Sea Grapes are the main hosts here to the new resident weavers. In addition to the one being carefully
prepared in the picture below, out of focus hangs an already stashed away cocoon... (more next...)

<Image by © Wolf P. Weber of a Tropical Tent-web Spider preparing a Sri Lankan weevil in a silk wrap>
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