Scoop: A single Mayan cichlid leading a swarm of tiny tinies along the river. I can’t
help but wonder what might go on in their perception, should they have one at this stage...
<Photograph by Wolf P. Weber of a colorful Mayan cychlid fish, leading a fleet of tiny fish into the deep>

The fish below sport different colors. Cichlids for sure, one of many varieties. The juvenile to the left, only a few inches long, has several dark spots on each side while the adults only feature the typical peacock logo near the tail.
How they got here to prosper, much further north than previously accepted, is a question that should also go to the aquarium trade... They are warm water fish from Middle America. Without a climate reversal, they're here to stay.
And as they propagate, in conjunction with Peacock Bass, a larger relative, the species will likely somewhat reduce local fish populations. On the other hand, due to their tasty meat, they've become a favorites addition to some anglers.

<Photo by Wolf P. Weber of 3 Mayan cichlids, one a juvenile, swimming close to the ground of the Caloosahatchee river bank>
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