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So many destinations, so many places of interest to one or the other. So many places, but never enough (or missed) opportunities.
A limited selection from a large archive. Whether to show off yet another shot or photo report on places already well covered,
poses a nagging dilemma. That's where art comes in as the
liberating escape.

1,Saint Tropez Panorama,
quaint streets of Provence.
2, Manhattan Panoramas,
inside Grand Central Station.
3,SouthWest Panorama, Anasazi
cave dwelling, Shiprock Peak.
4, California Impressions.
5, Brooklyn Bridge, Clark Bridge,
San Diego Mission Bay Bridge.
6, Hawaii Crater Panorama, lava flow
and landscapes. 6b, "Vision of Pele".
6a, Hawaiian coastal panoramas.
7, Leonard Knight and his
Salvation Mountain.
8, Salvation Mountain and artist
Leonard Knight.
9, Slab City, CA, Impressions.
10, 10a, 10b, California’s Joshua
Tree National Park observations.

Currently only Image 1 works
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more to come...
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