Pg 15 (19): Life in Mangrove plants and trees. Adult & juvenile Mangrove Periwinkle snails.
What went on between these 2 splendid examples of adult Mangrove Periwinkle snails is not
quite clear. Visibly a few tinies had been and, probably, were being released. No easy answer
as to which of the two was the female producer. Most likely the one on the left.
Photo by Wolf P. Weber of 2 handsome Mangrove Periwinkle snails on a red mangrove stem, one releasing tiny Periwinkles to be.

The two almost adult juveniles below left were feeding from under a red mangrove leaf.
With actual teeth on their rasping radulas, Periwikles scrape algea and fungi from host plants,
often leaving marks like those in red. The single critter, bottom right, was either feeding off
the mangrove bark or slowly making its way to leafy branches higher up.

Left photo by Wolf P. Weber of 2 juvenile Mangrove Periwinkle snails under a red mangrove leaf scraping up some nutrition. Right picture shows a single Periwinkle critter feeding off mangrove bark
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