Welcome to Images of life inside Slab City - Niland, California - Places 9
<Welcome to Slab City, painted on the outside of an old sentry post>
Just past Salvation Mountain,
you might come across
“Welcome to Slab City”
(also known as The Slabs).
Sentries used to stand guard at
this post to the WW II Marine
Camp Dunlap, some 3 miles from Niland in Southern California...
Veterans, drop-outs and seasonal
snowbirds live in RV's, tents
and all kind of vehicles in this community without modern day services like electricity or running water. 640 acres, subdivided into
23 areas. Population of a few
100 during very hot summers
and +/- 5000 in the colder
seasons. No rent and no fees...

Center: The kids were having fun on 1
of the larger remains of concrete slabs.
<Photo by Wolf P. Weber of 6 kids having fun on a concrete slab at Slab City, Niland CA, end of day warm light>
Below: An enterprising family presenting wares during a garage sale at Slab City.
<Picture by Wolf P. Weber of a garage sale outside an RV at Slab City, Niland CA>
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