Leonard Knight, folk artist, and his Salvation Mountain at Slab City, Niland, CA
<Photo by Wolf Peter Weber of Leonard Knight as guitarist and singer in front of his Salvation Mountain>

In the picture on the left we
get Leonard Knight as guitarist
and singer. Some times he would
play us a few songs of his own.
In later days one could listen to
the folk artist even via the Internet.
As mentioned, Leonard had to
be moved to a place specializing
in the treatment of Dementia...
Worse yet, a good part of his left
leg had to be amputated during
the year 2012. Given the fact that
he was 80 years old by then,
it seemed unlikely that he could
ever return and work on the desert monument. A few caring friends
took him to his former abode now and then, like for his 81st in Nov.
Supposedly Leonard could still
marvel at what his hands and creative spirit once had wrought...
The image below shows the ever changing place the way it was in the
late 1990's from a different angle.

<Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain, panorama photo by Wolf Peter Weber.>
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