Salvation Mountain - Leonard Knight - Slab City, Niland CA -, Places 7

<Copy of hand-written letter by Leonard Knight addressed to Wolf Weber> <1997 picture and text by Wolf P. Weber of and about Leonard Knightat the age of 66>

For the record... Above cover was published in 1997 as part of my first dozen or so web pages
on Leonard Knight, his Salvation Mountain and Slab City, located close to the Salton Sea where
I used to photograph birds and waterfowl in a disastrous environment. In those days I went once
or twice a year and got to know Leonard fairly well. We used to bring him surplus paint from as
far as San Diego. He would accept donations but never asked for any. In later years some
web sites, pretending to be the "official" (whatever that meant), were doing just that...
The text above is from one of the notes I received from him then. I guess, "I think its working
super good
says a lot. His enterprise had ballooned since; A large illustrated book, national
and international TV and print media coverage, videos, pages on the web by the thousands,
the "maker of the mountain" had become a legend in his own right... "Jesus to the rescue."
And again: "Jesus to the rescue..!" By late 2011 Leonard had to be committed
to a care facility (in El Cajon, San Diego) for Dementia and possibly a minor stroke.
Worse yet, a good part of his left leg had to be amputated during the year 2012.
He never fully regained his strength, mental nor physical. The man who had built
and re-built a mountain, went to the eternal valley in February 2014.

<1996 panorama photo by Wolf P. Weber depicting front view of Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight's Parading Truck>
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