California's Mojave Desert Joshua Tree National Park - Joshua trees in park landscape,, Places 10

<Plastic looking Joshua tree in CA's Mojave Desert.>
One of the entries to the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California's Mojave Desert
is some 20 miles from the Salton Sea, close enough for me to make it there and satisfy my curiosity. It can get rather hot and I'd recommend a supply of drink and perhaps even ice.
Of course one can get all that at the various visitor's centers, 4 or 5 of them if I remember correctly. But that's only a drop in the bucket when you consider the park's nearly 800.000 acre size.
Synonymous with the Mojave Desert is the Joshua tree after which the park was named.
To me the trees appeared somewhat plastic-like, as if placed in the sand by landscapers.
Yet I have been assured that everything in the park, everyone of Flora's creations, hundreds
of varieties, supposedly grow here naturally without human interference.
<Silhouettes of large boulder and several Joshua trees against sunset.>