Page 2a: Heavy layers of different type Molluscs on Red Mangrove prop roots.
A fascinating interaction in nature; Flora and Fauna, with help from the tides,
working in unison to provide nutrition for creatures above and below the surface.

<Wide Image by Wolf P. Weber of at least a dozen large clusters of various molluscs, many of them Oysters, caked to the bottom end of red mangrove prop roots, visible only because of high tide>

At low tide it all comes to light, an amazing variety of molluscan species, mainly Oysters,
caked to the normally below water ends of aerial prop roots in SWFL estuaries. Some branches break off under the often considerable weight of these clusters. Most molluscs are water
cleaning filter feeders which, in turn, grow into fare not just for humans but for coastal beings like
shore and seabirds, whelks, diabolically adept little oyster drill snails, sea stars, crabs and fish.

<Image by Wolf P. Weber of 2 mollusc clusters growing around red mangrove pod roots just above the water> <Close photograph by Wolf P. Weber of a dense mollusc cluster with many Oysters hanging from red mangrove pod roots just above the water>
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